Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Water Color

For me, painting is usually a frustrating chore; one that is made worthwhile when the result is pleasing. I don’t wake up excited to get to work on a painting, but I do wake up excited to look with fresh eyes on something I finished after a long night. Sketching with pen and painting with watercolor feels completely different though. It can all be done in one quick sweep over the paper; one continuous black line and colors that bleed into each other and blend in surprising and pleasant ways.
I’ve never used watercolors before and if I were at home I would have picked up my colored markers to do this work and would have struggled with the same tedious precision to which I subject myself when working with acrylic paints. With watercolors I struggle to get the paint on the paper fast enough and when I don’t, little ridges appear and bits of texture that seem to become a part of the rock I’ve sketched.
I stop looking for the geometry and just draw, hoping that it might emerge on its own if I keep at it.

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