Friday, September 27, 2013


“We want to hike the Queen’s Garden trail; will we run into any dangerous animals in the canyon?” “Just tourists”-- the group laughs. I would say that old joke gets laughs every time but that’s not true; it isn’t a joke. “The other animals are smart enough to stay away for the most part, but if you see a bear let us know.”

“Do I have to take the bus?” a man wearing a utility vest asks. “No, you’re also free to circle the parking lots at each viewpoint for an hour looking for parking” He thinks about this for a little too long. “Does the bus take me to the trails? I want to do some hiking.” “It sure does; now if you’ll just pull your car across the street to our overflow lot and then walk down the hill back to the shuttle stop on this si…” “I gotta walk to the stop?!”

“What’s a hoodoo?” “voodoo.”--“What’s that?” “It’s like a curse.”--“How is that a name for a rock?” “You should ask the guy who has to explain the name all day”

“Where’s the best place to see the sunrise?” “Bryce Point”--“Not Sunrise Point?” “Nope, too sunny”--“Well I’m gonna go to Sunset Point to watch the sunset, what time should I get there?” “6:30 and you shouldn’t go there for sunset”--“Well why’s it called Sunset Point then?” “Clever marketing ploy by the guys who run the lodge”--“Well where should I go?” “Bryce Point”--“The same place as I’m going for sunrise?!”

“Do they sell beer at the general store?” “They’ll sell you half a beer; if you want the other half you have to drive to Nevada.”—“huh?”

“At sunset we saw a bright light on th…”—“Venus”.

“Hey is the government going to shut down and close the parks?” “We trust that our representatives in congress are working hard to avoid a shutdown and are hoping for the best!” The real jokes never get laughs at the info desk.

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