Friday, August 2, 2013


The sun rises over Winter Harbor and starts to chase the fog down from the hills and into Frenchman Bay. I watch this from the top of Cadillac Mountain, thinking the sun had already risen behind the clouds until I saw the red sliver appear on top of the hills across the bay. 
On the edge of a cliff I watch a ledge where black guillemot leap down to skim along the water while others glide in from the sea and alight on the thin rock. In some places the fog falls down from the mountain and drifts out to the bay while over the thicket of balsam fir the fog climbs up from the cliff and into the forest.
The fog falls from Cadillac Mountain one last time at night just as Sagittarius makes its brief display of the galactic center in the south. I sit at the peak once again and watch the rising and falling of the stars until I’m submerged in fog once more and the ranger chases me off.

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