Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Highways 2

After spending a few days visiting friends in Wallingford PA, the town where I grew up, I planned to drive up to Cape Cod and spend the night on my way to Acadia NP in Maine. As I drove down the New Jersey Turnpike my wallet got lighter and lighter with each mile that I crawled along between traffic jams and I started to want to get away from the coast.
When I stopped for lunch in Connecticut I was sitting in my car eating a sandwich and a little girl let go of her grandfather’s hand and ran toward the street. He chased her and scooped her up just as she stepped off the sidewalk towards a passing truck. When her grandmother stopped screaming and saw that she was OK they all let out a laugh; but I was still horrified, I needed to get away from the traffic and the people and the noise. I changed my course and started away from the coast towards the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

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