Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Canopy of Green

My return across the border was pleasantly uneventful. The American border officer asks me a few times what that all the wood in my car is and I reply that it’s my camper. We go back and forth a few times with him repeating my answers as questions and me repeating his questions as answers and he eventually lets me through.

Last night I slept at a rest stop on the highway through Ontario. I was impressed with their rest stop system; open 24 hours, free wifi and no harassment for sleeping there all night. That said, the sound of trucks pulling through all night made sleep sporadic. I was looking forward to a quieter parking spot when I visited my friends J and L in rural Michigan today.

They’re in the process of moving into a new house and are currently staying in a two room cottage but they offered their driveway and laundry machines if I was able to come visit. When I arrived J was still at work so L showed me around town and we took kayaks out on the lake.

Before now I had only visited Michigan in the winter when the forests were brown and the sky was constantly overcast. Now, the roads are a canopy of green with wildflowers lighting up the edges of the grass. Fog still rolls through but it serves to intrigue and saturate the feeling of green.

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